Jane Austen A Life

Jane Austen – a life #


Jane Austen was born in 1775 to a Clergyman and his wife Cassandra in Hampshire.  She had a sister, Cassandra and five brothers, two who also became clergymen and two who went into the Navy. When her father retired they lived in Bath for four years. Though Jane had at least two suitors, she never married and after her father died in 1805 she, her sister and her mother were taken care of by her wealthy brother.  By 1814, Jane’s health deteriorated and she died in 1817.  She was 41.


Her first novel, called First Impressions was sent to a publisher in 1797 by her father who also offered to pay for its publication.  It was sent back immediately with a note; “Declined by return Post”.  It was finally published 16 years later as Pride and Prejudice in 1813**.**

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**Sense and Sensibility **was written in 1798 and published at the expense of her brother in 1811.


**Northanger Abbey **was written in 1799, sold to a London publisher in 1803 for £10.  When it was not published six years later, Jane Austen wanted to offer it to another publisher.  The publisher requested his £10 be returned.  The novel was eventually published shortly after Austen’s death in 1817.


For more than ten years Austen failed to write any serious novels until 1811 when she began **Mansfield Park. ** By 1813 she had completed it and it was published the year after in 1814.


Persuasion was written in 1814 and published posthumously.


**Emma  **was written from 1814 – 15 and published in 1815.


It is estimated that in all Jane Austen earned about £700 from all her novels during her lifetime.


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