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    Nebo-Lit is a boutique website conducted by Charles Klassen, an experienced English teacher, who trained in Canada and America, and has taught in Canada and in Australian private and public systems. The intended audience is senior high and freshman college students who are looking for quality resources at their fingertips and hoping to achieve excellent results in assessment tasks or examinations and develop sophisticated expressive skills. We provide links to other useful sites to further your studies.

    Introduction to Drama # “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” asserts an old chestnut. Drama or re-enactments have been central to the most primitive societies as a form of entertainment and a method of passing on traditions through story telling. It has always attempted to provide a mirror to real life. Primitive tribes tended to re-enact the day’s events after a feast, acting out the hunt or conflict with other tribes.

    Film as Text # Film, including all moving pictures, is a cool medium in that almost everything is done for us and so we lie back and absorb it without really exerting our inner mental eye. Reading and listening, according to the guru of media studies, are hot medium because they engage our imagination. Meaning in a film is created by cinematography also called mise en scene or sub- text.

    Language # Language Appreciation Guide # We communicate with others in a variety of ways through our five senses. While language is only one of the ways in which we communicate, it is one of the most sophisticated tools we have and clever cunning people know how to use it effectively to get what they want. Language is often debased and manipulated to fulfill ulterior motives As recipients of the use and abuse of language it is important that we understand the good and the evil intent people can have when they attempt to capture our attention.

    Brave New World Brave New World Brave New World - Blade Runner # Introduction to Brave New World # Brave New World (BNW) is a fable set in 614 AF in a universal state where science is used to create a stable conformist society through test tube incubation, eugenics and memory induced conditioning. The themes include the detrimental effects of science and technology disempowering and enslaving mankind rather than freeing them to enjoy wide ranging human experiences and emotions and enriching their lives.

    Anthology Of Poets Auden, Wystan, Hugh Chaucer Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer (Circa 1340 – 1400) # Chaucer, one of England’s first writers, did more than anyone to prepare a place for the English language in the world’s literary canons. Though more fluent in French, Chaucer chose to write in Middle English, the bastard language of Germanic origins, but the vernacular of England. His writings raised the level of the Germanic over the Norman French establishing the canon of English after Beowulf.

    Frank H Epp Frank H Epp (1929-1986) # What happened to Frank Epp is happening all over the evangelical and ecclesiastical world, including Jewish, Catholics, evangelicals and even Muslims; vicious, ferocious, mean – spirited polarising attacks on enlightened leaders by ultra - extremists. I prefer the ultra – moderates. In early 2021, the Mennonite Church and the MCC, purportedly in good faith, investigated an historic allegation of sexual misconduct against a deceased alleged perpetrator.

    Belonging Arnold Dover Beach Belonging Dover Beach - Arnold # Romantic Art flourished following the French Revolution, when all things seemed possible and life was on a trajectory of unlimited improvement heading towards perfectibility and the ultimate triumph of good. It believed that Nature was good and therefore the ideal of goodness was a natural state achievable by man. As in most areas of thinking, a dialectic emerges where each dominant ideology (the thesis) is challenged by a reaction (The antithesis) resulting in a conflict resolved by a compromise (the synthesis) which eventually achieves domination to become the new thesis.