Homophones Test 4
    Homophones – Test 4


Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently.

In each phase or sentence of the tests that follow, the missing word, usually a homophone, is one that is often confused with a similar one.

For each blank space supply one of the two (or three) words given. You will NOT necessarily use each word once - you may have to use one word two or three times and you may not use the other(s) at all.



Remember “bought’ and “buy”, - ‘brought” and “bring”


Which verb should be used in those sentences?

1        Have you ____________________ your new puppy with you?

  1.       On the last day July________________ her brother to school.

3.       My father ________________________me a car f or $300.

4.       The boy __________________all his books to school today.

5.       Tim ______________________ an ice-cream  for his friend.

6.       At  the school fete I ______________ many comics and books.

7.       Tom ____________________the presents with his own money.

8.       Have you ______________________ your friend home to play?

9.       Mother _______________ us a bag of blue marbles to play with.

  1.     He _____________________ his dog to school.


  1. Choose the right word from those in brackets. Find the meaning of the other word. Learn to spell all the bracketed words.

(a)     Our (new, knew) (colonel, kernel) won a (meddle, medal) for bravery.

(b)     Follow that (creek, creak) running rough the (waist, waste) land,

(c)     (They’re, their, there) cat (caught, court) (it’s, its) (tail, tale) in the fence.

(d)     Missing the water with his (skull, scull) the stroke caught a crab, and the other rowers followed (suit, suite).

(e)     Before sending a book (through, threw) the post, (wrap, rap) it securely.

(f)      (Piece, Peace) has marked the ( reign, rein) of this king.

3, Complete these sentences by using the correct word in brackets:

(a)     (Their, There) are two trees in (their, there) yard.

(b)     (Who’s, Whose) been eating my (serials, cereals)?

c)       (Have, Has) you been (learned, taught) how to rock—’n’—roll?

(d)     It is (quiet, quite) impossible to catch birds by putting salt on their tails.

(e)     Give me a (lend, loan) of your pencil, please.

(f)      The party will (stay, stop) at the motel for a day.

(g)     My friends and. I (am, are) going surfing at Coogee.

(h)     The (boarder, border) spoke to Tom and (I, me).

(i)      Each of the boys (have, has) (fewer, less) marbles than I.

(j)      (“May, Can) I have these, please?” asked Judy.

(k)     (Your, You’re)  clothes are (ringing, wringing) wet.

(1)     I (will, shall) be twelve on Saturday.


4.  THEY SOUNDTHE SAME (but mean different things)


Place the right word in the correct space.


  1.       The bus is ________ tomorrow. (dew/due)   _______ is on the grass.

  2.       _____________loudly on the door.(wrap/rap) I will ________ the present.

  3.       ________ the thunder. (Hear/here) The dog is over ________

  4.       Walk ________ the river. (buy/by)  Will you _______me that car?

  5.       _________ up that hole in the sock, ( sew/sow)   ____the seeds in spring.

  6.       You are ________ late now. (to/too) Walk slowly___ the shop.

7.        I went ______ school with _______many books.