Answers Euphemisms

Answers Euphemisms Quiz: #


I  industrial stoppage                                       13__encyclopaedia salesman

2 ripe for development                                    17__imprisonment

3 family planning                                             15__glutton

4 glass maintenance engineer                        10__dirty old man services                                             14__sales monopoly

6: liquid laugh and technicolour yawn             11__block of land

  1. task response module                                18__bureaucracy

8, homemaker                                                 2___available for exploitation

  1. urban renewal                                              5___dole

10 sexy senior citizen                                      20__women’s toilet

11 homesite                                                     19__drug induced hallucination

12 new prestige area                                        7___ desk

  1. educational adviser                                     6___vomit

  2. package deal                                              4___window cleaner

15 gourmet                                                       8___housewife

16 Hitler’s ‘final solution’                                   3 ___birth control

  1. corrective detention                                   9___slum clearance

18  administration                                            12__outer suburbs

  1. trip                                                             16__genocide

2O powder room                                             1___strike