Context And Background

Context and Background #

Clueless is set in the fast-paced and pulsating town of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles in the late 20^(th) century, Cher’s home represents the epicentre and epitome of consumerism and pop culture – the home of Hollywood, the Mecca of fantasists.

Cher lives up in the hills and is contemptuous of people who live in the Valley.

In many ways her exclusive world is as narrow and insular as Emma’s Highbury.

Clueless uses the setting of the modern High School with its impersonal melee of themed peer cliques of surfers, skateboarders druggies and other segregated gangs.

Yet there is little teenage angst, rebellion or consideration of social issues. The emphasis is on the self- absorbed, self-indulged, self-obsessed and self deluded group of wannabee princesses who crave the latest consumables and the best image.

A Post- Modern text, Clueless has no strident ideology to push, merely reflects the age old basic inner needs of humanity. Though there is token acceptance of environmentalism, social tolerance, and egalitarianism, it is not tendentious or didactic in pushing any issues. In the superficial and shallow world of Clueless narcissistic self advancement rules as a low brow pop culture comes to terms with high brow classical art.