Deception Synonyms

Synonyms for Deceptive Behaviour #

We learn to have affectations or become pretentious at an early age. When tantrums fail to get us what we want or deserve we learn to pour on the charm. Most deceptions are innocent and harmless, however like lies they can have disastrous consequences on others.

As Groucho Marx said:

In order to succeed in business you need to be sincere and honest.

If you can fake that, then you’ve got it made.”

Let’s hope that all your deceptions don’t damage anyone.

The three sections provide synonyms; the first ones are verbs, the second one nouns or adjectives while the third names the effect that can be created.

Beguile #

Appeal, Bait, Charm, Attract, Entrap, Lure, Tempt, Entice, Seduce, Ensnare, Interest, Bluff, Entangle, Enchant, Captivate, Transfix, Spell-bind, Hypnotise, Intrigue, Enrapt, Pull the wool, Mesmerise, Smit, Fixate, Haunt, Resonate, Obsess, Enamor, Be-witch, Echo, Haunt, Besot, Narcoleptic Fascinate, Infatuate, Intoxicate, rivet, Fetish

Deception #

False fallacious, Masquerade, Dissemble, Duplicitous, Fraud, fraudulent, Claytons, Mock/mimic, Illusory, Phantom/spectral, Feint, Phony, Guile, Mirage/ chimera, Fake, Faux, Ersatz, De facto, Disingenuous, Pretend, pretentious, Affected/ affectation, Precious, Deceitful, Insincere, Hypocritical, Devious, Bogus, Sham, Counterfeit, Forged, Replica, Imitation, Simulated, Swindle, Hoax, Con (job) artist, Scam, Scheme, Racket, Artificial (confected), Misleading, Treacher(y)ous, Spurious, Specious,

Reception: #

Curious, Interested, inquisitive, fascinated, engaged, Mesmerised, intrigued, captivated, transfixed, Fixated, hypnotised, obsessed, enchanted, entranced, spellbound, bewitched, enamored, rapt -enraptured, Charmed, Smitten, besotted, infatuated. Duped, Conned, Credulous, Gulled, addicted, Stupefied, Intoxicated, anaesthetised, Narcoleptic, Pre-occupied, Engrossed, Pensive, Brooding, Pondering, Meditative, absorbed, riveted, immersed, enthralled, awed/ awe struck, fanatical, zealot,