Homopnones Test 5
    Homophones: Test 5

Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently.

In each phase or sentence of the tests that follow, the missing word, usually a homophone, is one that is often confused with a similar one.

For each blank space supply one of the two (or three) words given. You will NOT necessarily use each word once - you may have to use one word two or three times and you may not use the other(s) at all.

For each blank space supply one of the two (or three) words given.


a)       here; hear

___________we go. 2)  Stay _________


b)       whose;  who’s

1.       _______________afraid of the big, bad wolf?

2.       __________________________ book is this?

3.       I know a man________________ hair is  grey.

  1.       _______________________ your lady friend?

5        I don’t know _________________ car that is.


c)       its (possessive pronoun);         it’s (contraction of it is)

1.       ______________    a lovely day.

  1.       The dog chased_________ tail.

3.       _______________  speed is the lion’s great advantage.   

  1.       I wonder why _______ so cold.

  2.       I wonder why ________ young ones follow the mother duck.

  3.       _______________ lost.   

  4.       Where is ________________ home?


d)       your; (possessive pronoun)**      you’re** (contraction of you are),

1.       ______________________ late.

2.       Bring _______________ work out to me.

3.       I see ______________     busy.

  1.       When ______________ ready, we’ll go.

5.       I wonder why _______________waiting.

  1.       Where are ________________friends?


e)       were; where; we’re.


1.       _______________ shall we go? .

2.       You _______________ working late.

3.       _______________ going now.   

  1.       _______________ they home?

5.       I don’t know ________________ my pen is.


f)       of;     off.

1.       A slice _________________ bread.    

  1.       They ran ____________________.

  2.       I cut _________________ a branch.

  3.       The best game have heard _______.