Forms Of Speeches

Forms of Speeches:  #

Declamation  - a speech given in a dramatic or theatrical manner.


Proclamation -  A formal declaration or publishing of a new law or policy. Also as:  Edict, Ukase, Bull


Joint communicae – a formal announcement at the conclusion of multi-lateral talks.


Statement – A formal announcement designed to clarify an issue.


Oration -  a pompous, ceremonial or rhetorical address on a momentous occasion.


Sermon, homily -  A speech delivered with some moral advice


Exhortation -  designed to encourage, inspire or stimulate to action

  • in war.


Address -  a formal speech to an audience.


Panegyric -  an oration of celebration or praise


Eulogy -  a funeral speech in tribute to the deceased.


Obsequies -  expressions of consolation or bereavement for the dead.


Valedictory – a farewell address generally at a graduation ceremony.


Toast – a formal well wishing during a celebration.


Lecture – an informative address to instruct or expose a topic.


Harangue –  an angry ranting speech critical of its subject or audience.  Also a  Tirade, rant, diatribe, invective.


Soliloquy  -  generally  an actor talking to oneself that the audience is meant to overhear.   

Monologue -   One person talking to an audience.