The English Language is rich with synonyms. While this is confusing for non- English speakers, it is valuable for distinguishing between degrees of value and for preciseness in speech.

As a writer it is important to use a variety of synonyms for colour and interest in your writing resulting in better expressive skills.

For many of the synonyms listed you will find vocabulary exercises to help to reinforce their usage by integrating them into your vocabulary.

##Said Expressed, bragged, shouted exclaimed, Quipped Joked, Explore, Rebuked, Evoke, Scolded, reveal, Beseech, assented, agreed, declined, exasperated, bid, Snorted, sniggered, scoffed, laughed, jeered addressed , exhibit, articulate, Couch, Declare, Entreat, Admitted, Answered, Apologised, Enunciate, Appealed, Pleaded, Summoned, Utter, Hissed, Taunted, Verbalise, Whined, Whinged, Yawned, Yelled, Shrieked, Prompted, Proclaimed, Warn, Snorted…

##Suggest Implied, Imply - implicit, Covert, Subtle, Impute, Lateral, Nuance, Connotation, Hint, Clue, Figurative, Symbolic, Insinuated, Nuance, Insinuate, Arouse, an oblique reference, Innuendo, Tacit, Excite, Induce, Enkindle, Conjure, Elicit, Invoke, Depict, Evoke, elicit, Arouse, Convey, Induce, imbue, stir up, Stimulate, Exude,

##Teach Didactic, Explain, Overt, Blatant, Glean, Linear, Explicit, Obvious, Denotation, Advise, Expostulated, Assert, Espouse, Persuade, Tendentious, Evangelise, Encourage, Goad, Argued, Objected, Disputed, Accused, Caution, Counsel, Protested, Spur, Urge, Incite, contend, Expostulated, Propagandise, brain-wash, Preach, Proclaim, Exhort, Proselyte, Indoctrinate, Espouse, Assert, Pronounce, Enunciate, Explain, Contend, Insisted, Admonish…

##Reception Inferred, Deduct, Conclude, Surmise, Glean, Supposition, Presume, Assume, Accept, Figure out, Guess, Cluey, to gather, Derive, Construe, to take it, Speculated, read between the lines, to twig, To cotton on, Extrapolate, nous, Read, Explore, Scrutinise, Reasoned, Enquired, Research, Investigate, Survey, Perception, decipher, inspect, inquire, Examine, Probe, Arouse, Charm, Hypnotise, Transfix, Mesmerise, Entrance, Besotted,

Vocabulary Exercise on “Expressive words - said”