Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns #


Nouns are words that used as name of a person, place or thing. e.g. tree; horse.  

Proper nouns name specific people, places or things, common nouns name general ones, while **abstract **nouns name ideas or things we can not see, feel or taste.

Collective nouns name groups of people, places of things.


Here are some interesting words that describe groups of people, places or things:



Drift of hogs           Exaltation of Larks        Muster of Peacocks

Pride of lions         Pod of whales                 Siege of herons

Sloth of bears       Nursery of racoons         Watch of nightingales

Ambush of tigers  Shrewdness of apes        Lepe of leopards

Corps of giraffes   Troop of kangaroo           Skulk of foxes

Swarm of bees      Brood of birds (hens)      School of fish

Clutch of hens      Lodge of beavers            Litter of whelps (dogs)


General #


Galaxy of stars      Giggle of girls                 Wobble of bicycles

Yawn of lessons    Batch of tarts                  Dampness of babies

Chain of smokers  Class of racists               Anthology of poems/stories

Suite of furniture   Fanfare of strumpets       Clan/throng of people              

Cellar of wine        Crawling of sycophants


Professions #


**Hand **of masseurs   Tackle of footballers         Exchange of stockholders

Case of lawyers       Horde of collectors          Body of undertakers

Suit of tailors           Warp of statisticians        Palette of painters

Cell of policemen     Promise of politicians       Surplice of parsons

Lack of Principals    Quantity of surveyors

**Mass **of priests        Rack of toastmasters         Cast of orthopaedic surgeons

Squint of farmers     Couch of psychiatrists      Column (clutch) of journalists

Lot of salesmen        Cliché of columnists          Herd of otolaryngologists

Sentence of judges   Rash of dermatologists       Movement of gastroenterologists

Floss of dentists        Clot of haematologists       Stream (dribble) of urologists

Score of composers   Brace of orthodontists       Sample of pathologists